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How to Ritualize the Passing of the Year and Usher in a New Beginning

Integrity, Personal Growth, and Forgiveness

Most who embark on the quest to forgive eventually discover how difficult the task can be. The trouble might come early in the process when we realize the world would prefer us to choose unremitting revenge over healing. Along the way, we may glimpse the depth of our emotional pain and retreat into the harbor…


Stop Apologizing!

Have you ever felt so badly about something you did that no matter how many times you said you were sorry, it didn’t feel like enough? Maybe the person you hurt didn’t accept your apology, or you haven’t yet forgiven yourself. Either way, continuing to say you are sorry is not the best path toward…


Creating Joy with Non-Judgment

Joy is light. Joy is wonder. It is fuel for life’s next adventure. And, it is also sometimes hard to unearth. For me, joy has always been elusive. Gratitude is in my bones, and a day rarely goes by when I am not aware of something to be grateful for. But, joy, not so much….


Yielding to Change

Have you ever decided to make a change in your life only to find letting go more difficult than you expected? Maybe you need to end an unhealthy relationship or break a bad habit. Maybe you need to learn a new skill that doesn’t excite you. Or, you need to stop being mean to your…


You Are Not Your Story

We all have a story. Our story, or stories, emerge from the meaning we make about our experiences in life. Making meaning and the stories are part of what makes us human. And, like all universal human experiences, the stories we have about our lives serve an important purpose. How we relate to those stories…


Meditation and Healing: Exploring the Relationship

The growth in the popularity of mindfulness practices has skyrocketed in recent years. According to IBISWorld, in 2016, it was a one-billion-dollar business. Being a meditator these days is a little like being one of the cool kids in school. You’re either in or you’re out. All the hoopla might have those who don’t plop…


What Self-love Is Not and Why It Matters

Self-love is not an abstraction. It is a perceptible feeling, like the love one might have for a child or friend and an orientation toward compassionate regard for the self. It is an experience of and stand for the parts of ourselves we value and the parts we wish were different—love of the whole self….


The Power of Language

If your mind is anything like mine, it’s a bit histrionic. Rather than telling me I am sad or lonely, the voice in my head says, you’re broken beyond repair, and everyone hates you. A woman in a workshop I led some time ago said she had been “cut off from the herd,” referencing the…


Forgiving Someone Who Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

When someone does something to hurt you intentionally, it’s easy to connect the dots between your psychological pain and what they did or did not do. If someone physically attacks you or murders a friend, for example, the wrongdoing is obvious; there is a consensus that a transgression has occurred. In these circumstances, forgiveness is…


Hard Lessons of Forgiveness in Business by Vanessa Canas

Only six months ago I was depressed and missing over $16K in my bank account. Today I am joyful, happy, and creating my dream life. How is that possible? It is all tied to forgiveness, faith, and loving myself on a new level. In February of 2016, I met a woman that would change my…

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