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Do you deserve the peace and personal power that come with forgiveness?

Sixty-two percent of people say they need more forgiveness in their lives, but the majority of those same people say forgiving someone would first depend on the wrongdoer apologizing and making changes. Emily Hooks challenges us to take back control and recognize that the other person has nothing to do with forgiveness.

Inside the pages of The Power of Forgiveness, Hooks offers a sound and reliable roadmap to forgiveness, with a series of written exercises and guided meditations. Through a mixture of inspiring firsthand accounts, parables, spiritual and philosophical wisdom, and practical exercises, a detailed case is made for the transformational power of forgiveness to open individuals to more joyful and peaceful lives.

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Author Emily J. Hooks had a lot to forgive when she began her journey: her father had kidnapped and abused her as a child, moving her to another country and making her believe her mother didn’t want her. She also had to forgive her mother for the perception of her not being there for Emily once she was finally returned home, and, for not protecting her from her father. And later in life, the author had herself to forgive for turning to drugs as a young mother, losing custody of her son, living out of her car, and attempting suicide twice.

Most importantly, she forgave herself for the extraordinary pain she caused those around her. With a focus on compassion and empathy for others, Emily transformed a life that seemed to be nothing more than a series of tragic events into one of gratitude, personal authority, and service to a higher good. As illustrated in great detail throughout the book, rather than perpetuating the suffering so widespread today, we can choose to create a world filled with people willing to be fully accountable for their lives and offer back something more. When we do our part in healing and releasing the wounds of the past, we can finally fully embrace our highest truth: love.


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