The Power of Forgiveness

Sunday, July 10, 2016 2:00 - 4:00pm


The process was developed by author, healer and UCOH congregant, Emily J. Hooks, who will teach the class. The process includes writing exercises, neuro-linguistic programming or NLP (language), somatics, meditation, and self-empowerment exercises. During the workshop, Emily will review the process, help everyone get clear on what forgiveness is and is not (this is essential for overcoming resistance), conduct at least one exercise to guide everyone into an experience of releasing psychological pain from the body, and provide the tools needed to start the process of forgiveness (actually, that will start during the workshop ideally). Walk away with tools and techniques you can apply right away to start the process of healing. Invest in yourself and in your future happiness.

Emily Hooks is an Austin-based writer, forgiveness coach, and Founder of the Forgiveness Academy. Her first book, “The Power of Forgiveness” is due out late this summer. During the workshop you will learn:

  • What forgiveness really is & what it is not
  • How to overcome your resistance to healing
  • An 8-Step process to forgive anyone for anything
  • Walk away with practical tools & a plan including meditations!