How to Overcome Blocks: Be Your Most Empowered Self!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016 7:00 PM CST

Feeling resistant towards what you want is natural and normal. Judging yourself, beating yourself up, or wondering what’s wrong with you will only perpetuate resistance to moving forward. During this panel discussion, three coaches will come together to demystify the blocks we all experience – what they are, why you might have them, and how to move past them so you can experience life as your most empowered self. If you have a specific block you’re ready to release, we highly recommend showing up live as all attendees will have a chance to get coached directly by us.

Meet your panel:

Host: Emily Hooks is a writer, Forgiveness Coach, and the Founder of the Forgiveness Academy.

Kimberly Rich is the host of The Bold Life Movement Podcast on iTunes, where each week she shares inspiring interviews with real people who are living boldly and creating life on their terms. She is also a Success & Empowerment Coach and the founder of The Bold Life Movement.

Jackie Vecchio is a Transformational Life Coach, writer, and creator of Create Happy where she helps women prioritize themselves and create boundaries so they can lead more empowered lives.