Hard Lessons of Forgiveness in Business by Vanessa Canas

Only six months ago I was depressed and missing over $16K in my bank account. Today I am joyful, happy, and creating my dream life. How is that possible? It is all tied to forgiveness, faith, and loving myself on a new level.

In February of 2016, I met a woman that would change my life. However, I had to go into the darkness before I could emerge. This woman made me think we could work together long-term and we would change the entrepreneurial & event space. What I didn’t know (but others did), was that she was a con-artist. Everything came to a head in June 2016 when I discovered her lies and deception.

From the moment I met her face-to-face, my gut instinct felt uneasy. I dismissed it as my fear of stretching myself professionally. I pushed the feeling away.

The first lesson: ALWAYS, listen to your gut instinct. That is your inner, powerful self, alerting you. It’s jumping up and down telling you to stop and go the other way!

This woman decided to host an event and keep the money from the ticket sales. When she disappeared, I had no cash plus $16K missing from the only savings I had. In January I was laid off, so that was all the money I had. She did not pay for my services or pay the deposits which I covered for two major hotels.

The second lesson: NEVER advance money for your services. It’s their financial responsibility, not yours.

The situation was a mess! I was a mess! I had no idea how to come back from that. At the time I felt betrayed not only by her but all the people that knew about her past and her wrongdoing and didn’t say a word to me. I also had to figure out why I attracted such an individual into my life. I had to work on myself to bounce back.

A dear friend and Reverend, Danielle Randall, was my light. She reminded me that I had the power within myself. I needed to reconnect with God and the faith within me. I needed to regain my confidence and not allow this situation to define me or be the end of my entrepreneurial journey. For a hot second, I did ponder going back to corporate.

I started meditating, listening to Abraham Hicks, and disconnected from social media for a while. I needed to love and center myself while maintaining focus. It was not easy, to say the least; it’s a daily process. I knew it would work and I put faith at the forefront of what I was doing. I could see the light getting brighter and brighter as I took inspired action to get myself back on my feet. As I did this, blessings and people came along the way which was confirmation that God was on my side. God is good. I WAS NOT ALONE.

Around August, I started reflecting on this individual and realized I needed to forgive her. This woman built her circumstance. She is the one that needs psychological help since she is delusional. Her upbringing and experiences shaped her. It had nothing to do with me; I was just a passerby that was affected. I was one of many that she deceived. I felt sad for her and realized forgiving her would empower me.

I set forth to start releasing the anger and pain because it was not serving me. I was journaling, praying, implementing a positive mindset, and shifted my focus to myself and business. Little by little the anger dissipated. I didn’t want to be angry day after day. I took control of my emotions and how I was going to react from that point forward.

Forgiving her resulted in a gift. A gift to myself. I was able to start creating new elements in my business which were not there before. I aligned with my dreams and goals. I am creative and full of ideas now. I surround myself with honest and like-minded people. I can say her name without cringing and meet others with the same name and do not attach my previous anger to them. I am not triggered by pictures of the work we did together. It is amazing. I feel free.

Looking back, I realize, I had to hit rock bottom to discover myself and faith. It was a blessing to meet her and go through that situation. I am a better human being today because of it. Things always work out for us!

We cannot take for granted the freedom we all have. We choose how we want to react to circumstances and how to move forward. There are no excuses. We must face our fears and work through them because it will free us. We must have faith in God and ourselves to rise above the ashes and fly like a Phoenix. We all have the capacity inside us. We all have a part of God within us. We just have to tap into that. And once you do, the floodgates open, and there is no stopping our success!

Vanessa is an event consultant to heart-centered entrepreneurs and corporate entities. She has over 17 years of experience working with high-level executives at United Airlines, GE Healthcare, and AT&T. She specializes in events, positive change management, and leadership. She is also the founder of Mastermind4Kids.org, an organization dedicated to teaching faith and Universal Law to orphan children under the age of 9 and their caretakers in 3rd world countries.

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