Forgiveness: Learn to Release the Past

Saturday, September 29, 2018 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


The Austin Center for Grief & Loss

    2413 Greenlawn Pkwy., Austin, TX 78757

** Full and partial scholarships available **

This workshop provides a detailed, secular framework designed to increase an individual’s ability to forgive themselves and others. Research shows that holding onto resentments and shame increase risk for heart disease, compromise the immune system and decrease life expectancy and enjoyment. During the workshop participants will learn the skills they need to become forgiving as well as an eight-step process anyone can use to forgive themselves or others. In addition to learning the framework, we will spend time learning meditations to help increase compassion and let go of judgment and fear. Activities will provide clients with an opportunity to share the challenges they have faced when considering how to forgive. The workshop will be highly interactive.

Objectives: Learn what forgiveness is and is not and why it matters.  Understand the skills we need to fully embrace forgiveness: our story, empathy, non-judgment, emotional-somatic awareness, and the 8-step forgiveness process.  Share the essential role of self-love and mindfulness in healing.  Help individuals create their own individualized action plan.