Turning Pain into Power Through Forgiveness

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 12:30 - 1:30 pm



The keynote explores the relationship between healing the past and self-empowerment. We break down why our own story is so important to creating a vibrant, joyful life and how, exactly, to claim our power to manifest a beautiful future.

What is standing between you and your dreams? For many, it is a fundamental belief about who we think we are. We are told to focus on the positive and leverage our strengths. We write mantras and develop marketable skills. We put on masks, go out into the world and take it on with a smile.

Rarely are we encouraged to share our deepest secrets.  But, what if that’s the source of power we’ve been searching for? What if our darkest moments are our greatest source of strength?

Sharing your story can be scary. In fact, it can be terrifying. Especially when we realize we are opening up our most vulnerable self. But, something magical happens when you share. The story transforms from a monster into a wounded child and eventually into simply a part of who you are. The shame and resentment begin to dissipate making room for connection, inspiration, inquiry, truth and focus to grow.