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Yielding to Change

Have you ever decided to make a change in your life only to find letting go more difficult than you expected? Maybe you need to end an unhealthy relationship or break a bad habit. Maybe you need to learn a new skill that doesn’t excite you. Or, you need to stop being mean to your…


You Are Not Your Story

We all have a story. It is a part of the human condition. And, like all universal human experiences, it serves an important purpose. How we relate to the story we have about our life guides our actions, informs our world view and beliefs, and impacts our quality of life. Given its power, developing an…


Meditation and Healing: Exploring the Relationship

The growth in popularity of mindfulness practices has skyrocketed in the last decade; according to IBISWorld, in 2016, it was a $1 billion-dollar business. There are endless apps you can download on your smartphone to help guide you through the process (Insight is my favorite!). But, for those who don’t meditate or feel they just…


What Self-love Is Not and Why It Matters

Dictionary.com defines self-love as, “the instinct by which one’s actions are directed to the promotion of one’s own welfare or well-being, especially an excessive regard for one’s own advantage.” The top three synonyms are conceit, vanity, and narcissism. This meaning highlights an evolution in the use of the word in modern times. Not that long…


The Power of Language

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Our words create our reality.” In fact, language ( a system of written words and symbols that we use to communicate) can be an incredibly powerful framework for determining the reality in which we live. While it is a remarkable tool that we use to seed new beliefs in our…


Forgiving Someone Who Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Most often, the discussion of forgiveness and healing is framed around learning to forgive someone who has done something wrong. Something happens that is unfair. If someone physically attacks us or murders a friend, the wrongdoing is evident, and there is a consensus in the world that a transgression has taken place. But this isn’t…


How to Ritualize the Passing of the Year and Usher in a New Beginning

As the year draws to a close and the dawn of 2017 emerges, it is time to reflect. I recently looked back at my goals for the year and was surprised to find I had not achieved most of them. Interestingly, none of the amazing and beautiful things that I was blessed to be a…


A Perfect Time of Year for Forgiveness

Happy Holidays! Christmas is my favorite holiday. Bright lights. Cheerful, familiar music. Fresh baked goodies and the earthy aroma of cedar and pine. The crispness in the air. I love it all. Perhaps, most of all, I love spending time thinking about others. What can I do to express my love and make the people…


What Is True Justice?

Many of our most heartbreaking human experiences happen over and over again because we fail to heal. We fail to honor our contribution and share our lessons. We fail to forgive. We seek vengeance in the name of justice and wonder why the world gets even more merciless. But forgiveness and justice are not mutually…


The Fundamentals of Forgiveness: What Forgiveness Is and Is Not

Forgiveness is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life. It is the process that will restore you to one of the deepest truths you can recognize: You have always been whole. Absolute forgiveness is a state in which we perceive, beyond a doubt, that there is nothing to forgive….


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