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About Me

Hi! I’m Emily.

I am an author, forgiveness coach, and the Founder of the Forgiveness Academy™. My mission is to share the power of forgiveness with each and every one of you. I’d like to share a little bit about how I came to understand the transformational power of forgiveness.

I didn’t earn a PhD and study human behavior for 20 years to get where I am today. I forgave. And, as a result everything in my life transformed. I chose to move through the pain I carried and to let go of the limiting beliefs I had about who I am and what the world is really like.

You see, fourteen years ago I was destitute, and likely very near death. One morning, something extraordinary happened. I saw my whole life and the impact I had had in the world. But instead of the self-contempt I’d felt my whole life a deep sense of self-compassion emerged. In that moment I vowed to not live a tragic life. I spent the last decade and a half focused on a healing journey that centered around forgiveness. I forgave everyone who had ever caused me harm including myself. I forgave myself for the extraordinary pain I had caused in the world around me. What I experienced from this work is a deep sense of love, compassion, and empathy for the world. I liberated myself from the bonds of the past and the illusion of my story to emerge as the most self-empowered version of me.

Now, I work with individuals and groups, guiding them through this healing practice and helping them to realize their potential. I believe as we heal the world heals. I believe our purpose is to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness and your part in this evolution is as important as anyone’s.



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Learn the power and purpose of forgiveness to realize our true strength in the absence of fear and the illusion of victimhood.


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